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Our Services

Strategy facilitation

Assist Boards and Executive to:

  • Define what success looks like
  • Identify strategic performance gaps
  • Understand stakeholder needs
  • Understand the risk/return relationship
  • Remove unwanted bias in critical decisions
  • Build strong governance protocols



Opportunity Development

Identify, create and realise opportunities, including:

  • Opportunity research and development
  • Commercial feasibility studies
  • Innovation and new business model development
  • Business case development
  • Project implementation
  • Performance measurement

Performance Improvement

Optimising people, systems and processes to improve performance:


  • Contract reviews
  • Independent performance assessment
  • Process analysis
  • Operational data analysis
  • Continual improvement framework implementation
  • Reporting models

Examples of Our Work

Pivotal Point PPSD

National Stakeholder Review

A national research and innovation organisation funded by industry and government had lost stakeholder support and was at risk of losing its funding. PPSD was engaged at short notice to conduct a stakeholder review and understand the issues and how stakeholders could be re-engaged. Recommendations were given to the Board, implemented and funding was approved.

The Board Chair stated that the organisation “would welcome the opportunity to work with PPSD in future consultancy as they provided very relevant advice, on time and on budget.”

Business Review

PPSD were engaged by a mining services company that was struggling to adapt to the new marketplace in an environment of reduced income levels and increased competition. With a tight timeframe and a limited amount of guidance, PPSD were able to cut through the clutter and provide several significant insights into the current reality and how best to navigate the turbulence. These insights ranged from simple, effective, operational improvements right up to high-level, strategic initiatives.

Pivotal Point PPSD
Pivotal Point PPSD

Board Strategy Facilitation

A Canberra based corporation was undergoing a refresh with a significant organisational review and a new MD. PPSD was engaged by the new MD to assist in the development of a new strategic plan that would fundamentally realign the organisation. PPSD facilitated the Board through the strategy process starting with the core purpose of the organisation, a clear understanding of who its beneficiaries are and introducing discipline and clarity through measuring the benefits being created for the beneficiaries. The new purpose has had an immediate effect on defining a “True North” for the corporation, providing long sought direction and mandate.

Business Improvement

Operated in partnership with key talent, externals and the project sponsor on a significant organisational transformation project for a large listed resources company. Responsible for leading a significant program of systemic review, organisational change, culture and work redesign.  The program of performance improvement and cost efficiency involved a bottom up, iterative whole of organisation cross functional analysis, generation and evaluation of employee led improvement initiatives, assessment, modelling, change management and implementation; all congruent with the articulated culture and values. Resulted in material improvements to the financial bottom line, reinforced values and culture, employee engagement and improved performance.

Pivotal Point PPSD
Pivotal Point PPSD

Executive Remuneration and Retention Strategy

Pivotal Point were engaged by a large listed infrastructure and resources company to design and deliver an executive and employee retention strategy during a talent shortage, including remuneration reviews, executive & management incentive programs and cultural change programs.

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